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GymFun and GymFun Mini (No previous gymnastics experience required)

GymFun is one of many Launchpad programs offered by Gymnastics Australia. We have two age groups for the programme. GymFun Mini classes are for children aged 4-6 years old, and GymFun classes are for children aged 6-8 years old.

LaunchPad gymnastics programs are all about fundamental movement. They've been especially designed to give your kids the opportunity to practise, develop and, most importantly, enjoy moving through a wide-range of activities that will help them to develop physically, socially and cognitively.

Importantly, research tells us that children who have these fundamental skills are far more likely to participate in sport and recreation throughout life.

GymFun is just that. FUN!

In GymFun, we focus on the fundamental movement patterns that will help kids to then progress into more advanced skills or activities. The games and activities are safe and encourage kids to work with others, cooperate and build self-esteem.

GymFun, is best for those who are full of energy and can’t stop jumping on the bed! This class is geared towards those who are able to listen well, stay on task and are ready to learn some fundamental gymnastic elements.

Current classes:

Please see our  parental portal for specific dates and times.

GymSkills (No previous gymnastics experience required)

GymSkills is another brilliant program within the Launchpad programs by Gymnastics Australia which is specifically designed for children aged between

8 - 12 years old.

As children develop their movement skills, GymSkill begin to introduce activities that may be more specific to certain sports without getting all serious and competitive.

While kids involved in GymSkills will improve their fitness, having fun remains one of the the main priority!

After being involved in GymSkills, children will have had the opportunity to increase their confidence and competence in movement; preparing them for a wide range of other sports and activities.

GymSkills, is best for those energetic children who are eager and ready to learn with a more advanced skill base and develop essential physical abilities that will set them up for an active and enjoyable life.

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