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Our Mission and Offer

Farkas now offers 1 on 1, group and online trainings for dancers, athletes of all sports and education sessions for fitness professionals and coaches who thrive to knowledge and excellence in the following:

  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Injury prevention
  • Strength, Power and Athletic Development
  • 1 to 1 training sessions and consultations
  • Flexibility, Mobility and Stability Training
  • Online training
  • Education sessions for coaches and fitness professionals​

Farkas's programs provides a tailor-made approach to conditioning, strength and flexibility training that meets the needs of the individual and their age and genre. He is dedicated to bringing you effective training and flexibility programmes based upon the latest research and finding, which enables him to maximise your improvement. Everything from high bar to dance pointe work, from golf to cricket or professional soccer.

Farkas understands the demands of becoming a national or international athlete in the modern era and the pressure to push the body to new limits. He can offer safe exercise and training advice to help you manage these demands and reduce the risk of injury.

Farkas also specialises in delivering education and training to the sport & dance world at both junior and professional level. His handstand master class including one-hour video tutorial has been receiving a great feedback in the sport and fitness world.

His mission is to enhance performance and reduce injury occurrences to allow Athletes and Dancers to have long and successful careers. Whether you are a young gymnast, soccer player or upcoming Dancer with a career ahead of you, a coach developing Athletes or a Professional Dancer, Farkas can offer you support and progression to further enhance your performance.

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