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Acrobatics ELITE
-where enthusiasm, determination, and love meet!

While we still love our current acrobatics program reflecting our core values- to inspire each athlete to reach their individual potential, in a positive, encouraging, and family friendly environment while developing so many important life skills along the way, we wish to provide opportunities to those acrobats who are striving for excellence and wishing to pursue the highest level of National and/or International acrobatics careers.

Entering the program is by invitation ONLY.


First entry level into the program is National Level System; Level 8, International Level System 11-16, striving to represent QLD with the highest quality of acrobatic gymnastics in the near future at National Championship and/or wishing to pursue an International acrobatics carrier.

In the ELITE program the focus will be on providing a more challenging and comprehensive specialised training to acrobats. Equally, we have an expectation that acrobats will always work to their full capacity in order to keep their place. Acrobats are expected to show full commitment to all trainings, their team and competitions. Places will be reviewed each season, based on physical development, focus and progression.

We look forward assisting everyone reaching their personal goals and dreams!


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